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Lassiter Bands continues the tradition of musical excellence, made possible, in large part, by the support of our incredible corporate and company sponsors.


Our sponsors make so much of what we do possible, and we are incredibly grateful for our supportive community. If your company or corporation would like to become a band sponsor, please click here for information. 



General Donations

Providing support for an organization the size of the Lassiter Band is no simple task. The program boasts over 180 students participating year round, but it draws little financial support from the school or county.


The financial resources necessary to travel with over 150 students and staff, equipment, instruments, and uniforms are tremendous, to say nothing of registration and entrance fees for events throughout the year.


If you would like to join in helping Lassiter Bands continue the tradition of musical excellence, please consider a making a tax-deductible donation of any amount.


Click here to make a donation to our Lassiter Band Program.



Financial Assistance for Needy Students

Although the Lassiter High School District is known as an affluent area, there are, at any given time, members of the band community whose family members have lost jobs or loved ones and are struggling to make ends meet. As a result of these financial hardships, there are always a few families that cannot meet the full financial burden of band membership. The result of this is either a high student account balance with undue stress, or declining participation in the band due to financial hardship.


In order to address this issue, the LBBA offers the Financial Assistance for Needy Students (FANS) Fund. This fund will be set up to specifically address those situations where members cannot meet the full financial obligations of band membership.


We ask that our fellow Band Families, Alumni, and Friends of the band consider donating any amount possible to make the rewards of Lassiter Band Membership available for all.


Click here to make a donation to our Lassiter Band Program. 



Kroger and Publix Shopping Cards

Quick heads up for you and your family! If you shop at Publix or Kroger and want to effortlessly support Lassiter Band, here's a simple way to do it: update your shopping cards to automatically donate a portion of your purchase to the band. And the best part? It's nationwide!


This means wherever you are, you can contribute to Lassiter Band's success without any extra effort. Plus, it's totally free, automatic, and won't affect any of your points or benefits.


Don't forget to tell your family members and friends to do it as well! The more, the merrier in supporting our band.


Once you set it up, there's nothing else you need to worry about. It's a win-win situation for everyone!


Kroger Card Setup

Publix Card Setup


Thank you for supporting Lassiter Bands!