Our Mission

The ultimate vision for the Lassiter High School Band program is to provide as many educational opportunities through musical skill and artistic excellence. Every decision made from the band office is in service to this skill development philosophy. Depth of musical skill has always been the hallmark of the Lassiter band program. Musical and artistic skill is our nucleus and sustaining focal point that is addressed through instruction in class. Every other aspect of the program is a satellite that extends from this instructional core. The satellites we offer are designed to serve this nucleus (i.e. marching band, Lassiter Music Institute (LMI), chamber ensembles, percussion ensemble, winter guard, jazz band, etc…) It is our hope that students will explore the opportunities afforded by every aspect of the program. While we don’t force students to participate in every satellite, it is understood that excluding these opportunities is the same as excluding nutrients from a healthy diet. Moreover, opting out of opportunities minimizes musical growth and fractures our band collective. When students opt out of chamber groups, LMI, marching band, and the other satellite programs, they are choosing to delay or not reach their full musical potential. Each opportunity fills a vacuum and produces a well-rounded musician and performer. Historically, our most successful students participate in as many satellites as possible.


The primary class curriculum of the band is organized into several core classes:


Symphonic I Band – a mastery ensemble with collegiate level demand
Symphonic II Band – an advanced ensemble with advanced high school demand
Concert I Band – an intermediate ensemble with high school level demand
Concert II Band (composed of technique classes) – a rudimentary ensemble with beginning high school skill
Percussion Techniques – a rudimentary ensemble with beginning high school skill


Opportunities extended to Lassiter band students outside of class instruction include:


Jazz Band during Academic Support & Enrichment period (ASE)
Chamber Music during Academic Support & Enrichment period (ASE)
Instrumental Choirs (i.e. flute choir, trombone choir, clarinet choir, etc…)
Percussion Ensemble I
Percussion Ensemble II
Winter Guard
Marching Band
Lassiter Music Institute (LMI)
District Honor Band & All-State Band
Symphonic Band Camp (SBC)
Winter Concert, December
Pre-LGPE Concert, February
Spring Concert, May